Early History

Founded in 1943, the year coinciding with Lebanon’s independence, the Bitar family group sets its grassroots in Lebanon with a mission to become a sizable market leader. After 20 years of spearheading efforts to solidify such leadership, Capital Partners has become the foremost local and regional food distributer.

Fresh Faces and Foundational Restructuring

Introducing fresh faces within the management of Bitar Family Group and its subsidiaries, Rashed and Rami joined forces to lead the transformation and the restructuring of their family business. They were able to successfully expand vertically into different areas of the business’s supply chain. Within two years, as the expansionary vision of the Bitar brothers continued to turn into reality, the line of business has expanded into five different countries with a sizable market share. This led to the development of the first brand in 2001, Deroni, which became the number one brand in the Eastern European markets.

Setting Groundwork in Lebanon

In 2013, and under the auspices of Rashed and Rami, the group started a new venture and launched Tawfeer, a discount supermarket chain that adopts the same principles as of Aldi and Lidl. Today, Tawfeer is a leading household name with more than 25 stores operating in Lebanon with a vision for Tawfeer to expand its reach to a breath-taking 100-branches-large presence in Lebanon by 2030.

Our Workforce

We passionately believe in our “promote within” strategy. One of Capital Partner’s primary focuses is its human capital, especially in the retail section of the business. To ensure retention, the group has secured its employees with different incentives to strengthen growth from within the company and promote a culture of inclusivity and security.

As Lebanon undergoes a challenging socioeconomic period, taking care of our corporate family has become a priority. Through these unprecedented challenges, we have stood next to our employees and have offered market-leading compensation and adjustment packages to help ease the burden on our workforce, who are the backbone of our mission. With people at the core of our operations, our business has always believed in the potential of human capital in Lebanon. We encourage the promote-within culture, enabling high retention rates and outstanding employee performance.


Hilal Bitar launches a small company

at the age of 22 to supply Beirut and its surroundings with grains and conservatives.


Rapid sales increases

solidify Bitar’s local market position.


Hilal Bitar becomes

a leading food importer.


Our first venture into the international market begins

by penetrating the highly competitive and challenging market in Egypt.


We expand

into Bulgaria.


We expand into Romania

late 1995s Annual sales reach 300 million USD and we venture into production for the first time via the largest rice mill in Eastern Europe which we open in Romania.


Hilal’s sons Rashed and Rami

join, restructuring and changing direction.


We are now present in 5 countries

with decent market share.


Our vertical expansion into packaging

prompted the creation of our own brand, Deroni. Today Deroni is number 1 in the Romanian and Bulgarian markets.


We launch our own chain of discount shops, Euroland

with everything from toys to electronics, gifts, and glassware. This formula as the direct importer and final retailer sparks even more success and by the end of 2018, Bulgaria boasts 100 Euroland shops.



30 Supermarket chains.


Capital Partners’ mission in the Food Supply Chain is excellence that extends beyond everyday supermarket shelves. By being a regional leader in retail, distribution, and trading, we ensure a vast amount of high-quality products is served to you with premium customer service. Your needs are our priority.


We strive to become a world-renowned food supplier, the people’s employer of choice, and an exceptionally socially responsible corporation. Our drive is based on combining our experience in managing end-to-end food supply chains with our passion to stand by the community’s side.


1. Quality

Always guaranteed, without compromise

2. Credibility

In the way we communicate, work, and build long-term work relationships

3. Growth

Our philosophy is that growth is the key to being competitive

4. Commitment

We build strong and dedicated relationships through a partnership-driven approach

5. Accountability

We assume responsibility and act responsibly

6. Professionalism

We perform and deliver results



With international exposure and constant growth set as objectives, our leaders embrace strong governance, epitomize the company’s values and bring to bear the practical wisdom and seasoned judgment that comes from significant leadership skill and experience.

Rami Bitar

Chief Executive Officer

Rached Bitar

Managing Partner

Jamie Libbos


Paul Maarawi

Business Development Director

Partnerships and Collaborations