Bitar International

From modest beginnings in 1943, today Bitar International is growing more & more. With a MBO system that allows each division and investment center to be independent while adhering to group policies and procedures, a TQM system that defines projects cultures and customer satisfaction, and an IT and communication setup that facilitates monitoring and strategic planning, Bitar Group is geared for long-term future growth.

Bitar International is present in several markets across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This big economy of scale means we have better positioning and prices because of bigger volumes. In Europe, we are brand leaders in several countries in the EU. Our premium brands are very well known as they appeal to consumer preferences and we are highly active on social media and in advertising, which has contributed to building brand awareness for our products.

Health and quality conscious, internally and externally, we never compromise on quality, we do private labels to all international retailers in EU. In Africa, we focus on supply and demand, selling commodities as traders at great prices while always respecting our commitments and contracts. Maintaining good relationships based on trust, we answer the essential needs of the different markets throughout the continent. In the Middle East, we trade & brand, we are from top 50 suppliers to retailers.

Our Brands