Our Mission is Excellence

We ensure a vast amount of high-quality products is served to you with premium customer service.

Who We Are

Capital Partners is a family business focused on supplying basic food necessities to different markets. Initially servicing the Lebanese market, Capital Partners today is a multinational group that services different industries along different borders. After approximately 80 years of service, Capital Partners and its subsidiaries continue to surge forward.


1. Quality

Always guaranteed, without compromise

2. Credibility

In the way we communicate, work, and build long-term work relationships

3. Growth

Our philosophy is that growth is the key to being competitive

4. Commitment

We build strong and dedicated relationships through a partnership-driven approach

5. Accountability

We assume responsibility and act responsibly

6. Professionalism

We perform and deliver results



We believe in a world of good and in acting upon it. We are continuously implementing initiatives and planning new ones to give back to our community and employees.

Our Brands