Beirut -

With the economic situation in Lebanon affecting the population, Capital Partners have gone above and beyond by partnering with the UN Global Compact program to ensure our community's nutritional needs are met. By partnering with the World Food Program (WFP) and using our experience in food provision and security, we took an extra step forward to distribute 10,000 monthly food vouchers to families who were selected in a strictly objective and fair manner. We will ensure the initiative is active and sustainable as long as the need is present. Capital Partners’ solidarity with the people is not confined to the borders of Lebanon. Supporting people in conflict, we have provided the Syrian and Ukrainian people with donations through different international agencies working under the umbrella of the United Nations. To expand our reach, we have also pledged extensive support through discounted prices and around the clock logistical assistance for different humanitarian organizations, such as the ICRC, the WFP, and World Vision.